ESO Outdoors

designing an illustrative yet flexible branded t-shirts.


Edmonton Symphony Orchestra is looking to create a new branded t-shirt design for their outdoor concerts. The primary goal for the t-shirt design is to capture the tone of ESO outdoors, have it work for all summer concerts, make the usage of shirts not just limited to only one year, and allow opportunity to be able to use for future merchandising or events. ESO is looking for the t-shirt designs to be comfortable, functional, engaging and relatively evergreen. 

By designing an illustrative t-shirt, it captures symbols that represents Winspear Centre's concert hall like the stage's curved edges, the round suspending lighting fixture and the five lines motif that is present throughout the building which represents the staff in music sheets. One of the symbols that the illustrative design represents is bnringing  a piece of the concert hall outdoors. With the simplified instrument illustration, it is accompanied by floral elements which incorporates a refreshed feelings which is aimed towards how the patrons would feel listening to the ESO.


  • Brand & Strategy
  • Illustration 
  • Print Design