ESO Encounters 

branding a new membership program for young patrons.


The Youth Leadership Council (YLC) has launched a new initiative called ESO Encounters to create more engagement within young patrons ages 18-35, and orchestral live music. This new membership program makes it more affordable for young patrons to attend ESO concerts, as well as opportunities to network with fellow music lovers. ESO Encounters hopes to create more engagement towards young patrons as they strengthen the next generations of ESO supporters. 

In bridging the gap between young patrons and Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, YLC wants to set the tone of the brand to be fresh, modern and hip. The logo design plays on abstract musical characteristics, like the curve line of a “slur” connecting ESO to young patrons. The two “N’s” right stem being elongated to mimics a quarter note stem resting on the line like a music staff. The colour palette exudes a vibrant, upbeat style and the typeface gives off a welcoming, friendly feel but also is rounded characteristics like music notes.


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