A Gem of an Idea  

CBC Quebec series of monthly workshop


CBC Quebec is creating a monthly workshop series with library partnerships that consists of monthly screening, meet-ups, hands-on news, and writing. It is to promote CBC content as well as ignite new interest in participants. CBC Quebec is looking for the branding of the workshop to give off the tones of colour block, fresh, and fun. 

The design for A Gem of an Idea plays on the CBC gem logo and the title of the workshop series itself. The collage uses graphic elements and photos collages gives an idea to the audience how much creativeness expressed during these workshops. The template design allows space and felxibility for edits to be made as they plan on promoting various future workshops. The design has flexibility in how it does not target one specific aspect of the workshops, it remains vague and broad to cover variety of large topics.


  • Brand & Strategy
  • Digital & Social Design
  • Print Design